2019: ‘Things in a different light’. The Tommy Flowers. London.
2018: ‘Things in a different light’. (solo show) Some Great Reward. Leeds.
2017: Neighbourhood. Sunnybank Mills Gallery. Leeds.
2017: ‘The landscape is changing’. (Solo show) The Bowery Gallery. Leeds.
2017: ‘Objects of Desire’. AP-ART. London.
2016: ‘Cityscapes V’. George Billis Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
2015: ’15 years apart’. AP-ART. London.
2015: ‘American modern’. (Solo show) Racquet club Estate. Palm Springs. USA.
2013: The Yorkshire Artists (part V) The Gallery at Munro House. Leeds.
2012: ‘New Romantic’. (Solo show) Studio1.1, London
2011: ‘Loss of faith’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2010: Lynn Painter Stainers exhibition, London
2009: ‘New Paintings’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2008. ‘A406. Beauty and Apocalypse on the North Circular Road’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2007: ‘The End Begins’. The Hospital, London.
2007: Celeste art prize final Exhibition. Old Truman brewery. London
2007: ‘Epoch’ (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2007: ‘Epoch’ (Solo show) Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
2006: ‘The Day of the Triffids’ (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2006: Group exhibition. Zebra Gallery, London.
2005: ‘N.A.B, New Art Birmingham’, Birmingham,
2004. ‘London Calling’. one0two gallery, London.
2003: ‘Fresh Art’. The Business Design Centre, London.
2003: ‘Sign of the times’. Catto Contemporary, London.
2002: ‘Signs That We Exist’. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
2001: ‘Patonworld – the first 20 years’. The Paton Gallery, London.
2001: ‘Thirteen’ Florence Trust Studios, London.
2000: ‘Complete’. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
1998: ‘Northern Graduates’. The New Academy Gallery. London.

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